Брокер пеллерон отзывы

Брокер pelleron отзывы

I spent more money quoting, than really getting a quality lead.

брокер пеллерон отзывы

So I stopped using the platform for a while and came back!! Especially after what I experienced.

I contacted a lead who stated she wanted to meet for a consultation, but before that meeting could ever happen.

The client turned out to be completely scary by sending threats through email to me and my staff, using racial slurs and harassing us through email and on the platform messenger, and posting a false review.

Брокер pelleron отзывы

I contacted support on Saturday was assured by a customer service rep not to worry they were going to handle it, and to go to my local authorities. Well брокер пеллерон отзывы is when the lies started nothing was handled at all!

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Two police reports later, I asked them could she be blocked? I was told No!! Nothing was resolved instead I got, were sorry this happened, were glad you contacted your local authorities. So we consider this matter closed, we took action against her account. While receiving that email, what do I see the lady posted for the same job брокер пеллерон отзывы contacted five pros this time.

БКС Брокер – Отзывы клиентов

I decided to reach out to the Attorney general and my local news station and the Better business bureau. I wake up this morning from an email from them claiming a lead that was a genuine lead supposedly I generated myself, after she booked, hired me and we have a paid invoice from the customer. Thumbtack does not care about their PROS its about the customer only, its about the money.

That was Proven with this situation, and upon speaking to others who no longer use thumbtack the feelings are Mutual!!!

брокер пеллерон отзывы взять криптовалюта

I no longer have a positive feeling about Thumbtack Полезно.

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